Book&Order launched in the US in cooperation with Nuage Digital

Sprint Innovations Oy, a Espoo, Finland based restaurant industry startup, and Nuage Digital, a Silicon Valley, CA based digital agency, have agreed to introduce Book&Order-service in Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay area.

“Nuage Digital builds bridges to bring and share goodness. We came across Book&Order and we saw it as a service that would truly benefit our existing customer base and beyond. We believe that the service has potential of changing the restaurant industry in a way that has not seen before. Silicon Valley and Bay area is a home of innovative services in the US. We think that this is a perfect area where to test and scale Book&Order to next level.” says Faraz Bin Feroze, CEO of Nuage Digital.

“To launch Book&Order in Silicon Valley is really a dream come true for us. Especially with a partner like Nuage Digital who are able to help our company as we grow.
Our vision has been from the day one to create a service that is relevant to restaurant industry globally, highly flexible for different customer needs, scalable and able to operate with different business models in different markets. Based on the first customer feedback that we have received we have succeeded in that.” states Henry Johansson, Founder of Book&Order

Sprint Innovations Oy
Is a flexible service provider and a developer of digital services to the restaurant industry. We are proud of the fact that we are not a tech but an industry focused company. Our first real service is Book&Order. It’s a Software as a Service platform that converts restaurants websites into e-commerce platforms.

Nuage Digital Inc
We are an upcoming startup of passionate, disruptive and creative doers from Silicon Valley and London, who decided to bring customer, passion and compassion, back in our industry and the communities we operate in.
We bring best in class complete operational support to our customers.

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Sprint Innovations Oy
Henry Johansson, Founder

Nuage Digital Inc
Faraz Bin Feroze, CEO
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