Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind the service?

The service is owned by Sprint Innovations Oy. You can contact us at

Can I book menu and / or drinks for only part of the party?

Yes you can.

Why should I also reserve meals in advance?

By booking the menu in advance you are involved in reducing the restaurant’s food loss, you will also get more restaurant services at the same time when you order services in advance.

What happens if I do not get there?

The restaurant has the right to charge you if you book the products but do not cancel your order according to the cancellation policy. More detailed cancellation policy will appear on the booking confirmation that you can get from the restaurant to your email.

Can I only book beverages through Book & Order?

Yes you can.

Do I always need to book my menu when I use the Book & Order service?

No need. You can also book a table only.